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If you’re here, we probably have a lot in common. You’re a successful woman busy living life. Striving for the best. Rooting herself in meaningful work. In love. You travel and have plans for the future.

That’s when I went from being a spontaneous, easy going and happy girl to a scared,
constantly overwhelmed, and short-fused gal who always hoped that things would start to get better when something changed.

Do you find yourself hoping that things will get better when

  • …the renovation is done?
  • …your spouse changes to meet your needs or helps out more?
  • …work stress blows over?
  • …you finally get some down time?

Please stop waiting... your life is happening today!

I want you be excited to laugh, play and show up for yourself, your spouse, and your family in the way you want to!

I want you to be able to deeply release your stress and irritability and nagging for good.

I want you to be able to let go of constantly ‘trying harder’ and enjoy a life of ease and energy!

These things are easily sustainable when you heal your body, take full responsibility for your life and unleash your greatest potential. We‘re a a stressed out and sick population and we’re not going to get well with the same practices and that got us here.

Let’s move from surviving to thriving!

How I Help

I’m Robyn Guidon, and I bridge the gap between illness and wellness, functional medicine and nutritional theories, as well as those ‘woo-woo’ practices that sometimes make you feel like you’re out of your comfort zone.

After years of being a coach, I saw that my clients and myself were having trouble taking our success to the level we craved – and we were getting physically burned out chasing that dream. To help, I went into to research mode and trained with the best nutritional and women’s hormone programs available – and my clients immediately responded to the new approach by breaking through their barriers and doing better than they had dreamed.

Now, as a women’s health and success coach I blend my knowledge of psychology and science, human peak performance training, intuition, and nutrition knowledge to guide women to balance their bodies and unleash their best, most exceptional lives.

Along with years of private practice, I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Coaching and Advanced Coaching certifications from Coach U, Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Hormone Coaching certification in The Hormone Cure with Dr. Gottfried.

One-on-One Sessions

Receive individualized support for your specific needs,health issues and goals. We’ll start
exactly where you are today and bring you to feeling free and fabulous!

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Group coaching and programs

Start your process to better health and optimal living with a group of other powerful women.
Find out what to put in place immediately and discover the biggest blocks that are getting in your way and how to easily remove them with new strategies & our community’s support.

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