My professional and personal life lacked focus and passion. I knew what my end goal was but I was lost in how to get there. Robyn helped me set goals and indentify what motivates me. Robyn’s no-nonsense approach that balances a ‘get-real’ sensibility with her humorous, kind personality really helped me focus on what my passions were and how to work towards achieving my end goal. As I navigate my way through a career change and a potential life change, the tools Robyn’s coaching have provided me with enable me to focus on what’s important. Thanks Robyn!

~Miranda Post, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

I spent the Summer of 2010 working with Robyn. I was looking at turning 40 and I, like many before me, was faced with the question “what have I done with my life?”  Robyn helped me discover the things that were holding me back from being my best and together we put a plan/goals in place for me to work through and get things done that were hindering me from moving forward (sometimes it was as simple as cleaning out dresser drawers and tossing things that I no longer needed to being reminded that it was O.K. to take care of myself and that I deserve to be a healthy person). Robyn was a great cheerleader/coach and has an amazing understanding of how and why people are who they are.  I look back on that summer fondly and  because of her I am a more efficient and confident person. I no longer allow clutter in my life and have come to understand how I work as a human…and I’m O.K. with that.  I highly recommend Robyn  as a Coach.  Looking back, working with her was a highlight of me turning 40.  Thanks Robyn! L (confidentiality respected)

Robyn has a way of getting straight to the heart of any matter.nisha headshot hand heart
She shows up for women with incredible listening and a total
dedication to helping them find the clarity they crave.

Not only is she incredible at helping women determine where
they’re going, she’s outstanding at making sure they have
everything they need to get there.

With Robyn on your side, your goals will be your reality in no time!

~Nisha Moodley,


dsc_0294 1 ARobyn is a kick-ass, tell it like it is coach. She gets down to the bottom of how you are feeling and why you are feeling the way you do and gives it to you straight up. No sugar-coating, just real and honest yet gentle and compassionate at the same time.

~ Jill Shapiro, Wellness by Jill


I am happier, have more free time, and make at least twice as much money as ever before. Robyn is a masterful coach  ~ Dennis