About Robyn

Welcome! I’m Robyn Guidon, founder of She Went Out On a Limb – an online community and resource that I created to help women connect the dots between their health and living their best lives. After years in my  practice as a coach, I started to see my clients hit a ceiling in their happiness and success that we couldn’t break through using traditional coaching tools. I heard women struggle with taking their lives to that next level – and I saw myself locked into that same battle.

She Went Out On a Limb is about a new way of helping ourselves. It’s about how every woman deserves to feel comfortable and sexy in her body her body to fully unleash her potential. It’s about accessing bundles of energy and feeling younger than you have in decades, no matter your age. It’s how you can stop feeling like your dream life is just outside your reach.

It’s about taking the mystery out of true wellness so we can thrive – together.

So, how do you know if I can help you? The best way is for you to book a consultation, but my professional experience & personal journey are a great place to start:

1: Coaching approach & experience

I’m Robyn Guidon – the owner and founder of She Went Out on A Limb. As a women’s success and health coach, I blend my knowledge of psychology and science, human peak
performance training, intuition, and nutrition to guide women to balance their bodies and
unleash their best lives.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Coaching and Advanced Coaching
certifications from Coach U, Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative
Nutrition, and Hormone Coaching certification in The Hormone Cure with Dr. Gottfried.

Coach Inc | Institute for Integrative Nutrition | Trained in the Hormone Cure | Coach U Advanced Coaching Program Graduate

2: My health crisis & recovery journey

I didn’t become a coach because I already had all the answers – just like yours, my story is about rebirth, transformation, and necessity.

My journey started with small shifts. They didn’t seem connected at the time, but as they added up over months and years, they completely altered the course of my life.

I started out as a healthy, energetic woman, excited for what life held. I was successful and busy living life. I strived for the best. I was in love. I had normal check ups with my doctor and plans for the future, but slowly my (lack of) health was running the show.

My medical history went from simple to something like this:

  • Diagnosis: Depression (No prior family history)
  • Diagnosis: Anxiety (No prior family history)
  • Mystery Symptom: Hives and swelling in leg
  • Mystery Symptom: Started snoring
  • Mystery Symptom: Loss of sex drive
  • Mystery Symptom: Waking up from sleep exhausted
  • Mystery Symptom: Gaining +10 lbs per month
  • Mystery Symptom: Increasingly, suddenly irritable in day to day life
  • Mystery Symptom: Pain in joints
  • Mystery Symptom: Persistent headache for a year
  • Mystery Symptom: Blood unable to clot (treated in hospital)
  • Mystery Symptom: Swollen face and no life in eyes
  • Mystery Symptom: Memory loss and confusion

And that’s just the start.

The changes started slowly, but added up fast.

As my anxiety increased and my body changed rapidly (along with feeling like a different person and experiencing mood changes), I felt insecure about seeing friends and family; I was a different person each time I saw someone, whether it be a week or a few months apart. I stopped playing sports. I assumed people were judging me (as I was judging myself) and thinking I wasn’t able to look after myself or my partner.

It became a slippery slope, and I slid so quickly that by the time I hit rock bottom I was unrecognizable.

I was gaining 10+ pounds a month despite working out hard and eating healthy. My shoulders were hunched to my ears and I had piercing pain in my head that left me lodged between fear that I was dying and praying that something would end the pain. My brain started to show signs that it was shutting down and I was told that the symptoms were all in my head. Anger, confusion, inability to feel or connect, and memory loss made me feel disconnected and detached from reality. The only thing grounding me was pain and a distant memory of how life used to be.

My symptoms terrified me, and taught me a hard truth:

The worse you feel, the smaller you play. The smaller you play, the worse you feel. You deserve to feel well and play big! (Click to tweet it!)

I was bankrupt – I had spent every emotional cent in my emotional account, my relationships’ account, and my health account. With my energy depleted, I attracted a mess of destruction into my life.

My Way Back To Health

I became a coach in 2010 and had great success working with exceptional people on their road to greatness. In 2012 I focused my work and certification around health coaching as I’ve always been drawn to nutrition and healthy modes of living. It wasn’t until later that year when my health and life crashing to my feet that I fully understood how fully true health can be your path.

Timeline of a Health Crisis

I spent years having doctors misdiagnose me with depression or anxiety. No matter how sick I became, my doctors continued to tell me I was fine, and blood tests were showing no irregularities.

I knew that it was going to be up to me to save my life.

At my lowest point, I looked around and everything was gone. My community, home,
business; my relationship, most of my belongings and my pets. But what could have been
devastating was freeing; with nothing to be responsible for except my health, I put myself into a cocoon and finally started to heal.

I tapped into my ancient hunter-gatherer instincts and researched (gathered) everything I could. Starting with my thyroid, which is the master switch in control of every cell in your body, I started to heal my body’s systems.

When your gas tank is empty, you don’t pin the gas pedal… you pull into the station & fill your tank! (Click to tweet it!)

Within just days of applying my new knowledge, my brain and body started to heal.

By 3 months I was a completely different person and healthier than I’ve been in years.

Intrigued, I went further into the mind/body connection than I’d ever been comfortable with before and started exploring the possibilities for teaching what I had learned.

Today, life feels easier. (So much easier!)

I feel sexy and connected to my body. My life is full of energy and my body has a healthy response to the world, from when it needs to heal, recharge or take on a new challenge. I feel like a magnet attracting amazing things and experiences into my life.

I’m healthy and feel completely present in my life. I can trust that my health and happiness are strong and reliable, now and in the future. My relationships are easier and my life is in flow, which I can tap into easier than I’ve been able to in my life. I feel joy and laughter on a
completely different level than I ever have.

Huge life decisions like buying a house, relocating, and rebuilding my business stress me out less than an average Tuesday used to.

I fought hard to get my body, life, and energy back – and I teach it, so you don’t have to wait for a crisis like mine to turn it around. You don’t have to push, force, or hope for a solution any more. I know how exhausting that is, because I’ve lived it.

Using simple, natural theories and methods I help women deeply heal, recover, and step back into their lives feeling better than they ever thought possible.

We can do better, together, and it can start today.

Does this light you up with possibility? Then take action!

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